Summer Party in the Park…

Published by Sahra Ronc on the 25th July 2019

Zoonou's annual summer team party didn't quite go to plan...

Friday 19th of July. 10am. Eastbourne. Weather isn’t looking great. Rain and low temperatures are expected all afternoon. After weeks of glorious weather this might have been welcome break for some but not for Zoonou. Why you ask? Well, it was the day for our ‘Summer Party in The Park!’. The team were geared up for an afternoon of team sports including rounders and ultimate frisbee followed by a BBQ and drinks under the sun. All now quite compromised by the ominous clouds.

The sky is dark. The ground is wet. It’s not safe. But, what to do? There’s only one solution for Zoonou: cancelling the event!

What to do?!

Even with the best of planning, sometimes the unexpected happens. But when it does, a last-minute plan needs to be found quickly. For Zoonou’s Marketing Manager, nothing is impossible! At the drop of a hat, a back-up solution was formulated: lunch-time takeout at Zoonou HQ followed by ten pin bowling.

Starting with Zoonou’s all-time favourite pizzas and Thai noodles, along with beers and soft drinks in the break-out area. Some of the team broke out into a spontaneous pool tournament, while others grabbed the chance to catch up with each other’s news.

After a drink… or two, all the team caught (a last-minute train!) to the bowling alley.

Dinosaurs vs Pandas vs Unicorns vs Mermaids vs Hedgehogs. What…?

The staff divided in five teams: The Dinosaurs, The Pandas, The Unicorns, The Mermaids and The Hedgehogs. Cool names, right? Each team member had a cute little sticker to wear on their t-shirt, showing off which team they proudly belonged to.

Bowling is never a core competency listed on a CV, but some of the Zoonou team could definitely add this extra line on their LinkedIn profile (although some definitely not – but we won’t mention names!). Strikes, spares, falls and a lot of laughs were plenty during the game, bringing everybody even closer.

After two games of bowling, the winner of each team was announced, and a final ranking was revealed. The top individuals, in descending order, were: (drum roll please…) Martyn Hilder, Elliott Lanius-Robert and Becky Ousey! With the Mermaids winning overall! Congratulations everybody!

Fancy Cocktails and a Lesson Learnt

Afterwards it was time to celebrate the results in Eastbourne town. Some of the team carried on into late evening with a few fancy cocktails and tequila shots.


It’s safe to say that everyone had a fantastic afternoon/evening despite the last-minute change. The lesson of the day was that unexpected events bring the most memorable moments!

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