Security Testing

Protecting your web application against external threats. Maintaining brand reputation and increasing customer confidence.

Web application Penetration and Security Testing.

OWASP standards delivered by our in-house CSTP & CAST certified testers. Clear and practical penetration testing.

Why choose Zoonou to Security Test your software?

Industry recognised certification means you can be sure we’re a reliable choice.

Just some of the reasons why Zoonou are the right choice for your security requirements:

  • OWASP based industry recognised standards.
  • CSTP certified test team (Certified Security Testing Professional).​
  • CAST certified test team (Certified Application Security Tester).
  • Clear and practical approach.
  • Full detailed report provided tailored to your needs and requirements.
  • Use of industry standard tools and techniques.

"Our clients are often surprised at just how vulnerable and open to attack their websites really are. Being part of our certified team allows me to provide clients with valuable insight and recommendations for protecting their applications against hackers."

Mike Goodman
Head of Technical Services at Zoonou

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