My Work Experience Week – Eden Lee

Published by Cass Brazil on the 5th July 2019

Eden joined the Zoonou Team for a week's work experience. In this post, he tells us about his 5 days with the different departments at Zoonou.

This week, Eden Lee from Gildredge House School, joined the Zoonou Team for his work experience week. Over the course of the week, Eden joined the Operations, Sales, and Marketing teams to get an inside view on what it’s like to work for a quality assurance company. His final challenge was to write his first ever blog post about his time with us.

My First Impressions

Zoonou are a software testing company. They test websites and apps for any bugs or errors. If they find anything that isn’t quite right, they upload them to a bug-tracker and then it is available for their client to see. The client then makes any changes that are necessary, and then sends it back to Zoonou to retest it before releasing the finished product. Before I started my week at Zoonou, I was not aware that these processes took place. I found this very interesting to learn about as I did not know the depth of testing that goes into such minor details in a website or on an app. 

Day One

At the start of the week I was introduced to everyone by Suzi, one of the Test Analysts. They were all very friendly and made me feel welcome. First, Suzi explained to me exactly what happens at Zoonou and the different types of jobs there are. Then I was taught about testing and all the different test services that Zoonou offers. She then introduced me to a bug-tracker called DoneDone and taught me how to use it. At first it seemed very confusing but after a while I got used to using it. I was then given a website to look at to try to identify any problems or bugs that were happening. When I found something, I would then upload it to DoneDone with an explanation of what was happening and added a screenshot or video as evidence.

Day Two

On the second day I was shown how to properly write up the bugs I had found as a Test Report. This was very confusing at the start but after the first couple of tries it became easier. After I wrote about most of the bugs I found, I was shown the Device Lab. Zoonou have over 300 different devices, like mobile phones, tablets and VR equipment for testing on. I was given a couple of them to test the same website for any bugs that may only occur on a mobile or tablet. I then added anything I found to DoneDone and went through the same process of writing them up and adding a screenshot.

Day Three

On the third day I met Rhodri, who is the Client Services Director. He spoke to me about the sales side of the company. I found it very interesting learning about all the steps that go into a client getting their app or website tested. There was a lot to learn about it in just one morning, I did not realise how complicated this side of the company was. The sales team work with their clients 24/7 to try and get the best job done for them under their budget and time frame.  

Day Four

On the fourth day, in the morning, I had a mock interview with Suzi. After the interview she spoke to me about what I did well and what I could work on. Then we went through some techniques and tips for interviews. In the afternoon I was with Zoe testing a brand-new app. I was given a device and left to try and find any bugs or problems. I could only find a few but I wrote them all up and added them to a different bug-tracker called Jira. 

The Final Day!

On my final day I was with Cass, the Marketing Manager, learning about the marketing side of the business. In the morning she explained to me exactly what she does, from email and social media campaigns to updating the website and photography. 

We then took some pictures of the staff for the website – even the seagulls wanted to get involved!

I also took some pictures around the office and of some of the different devices.

Luckily I was able to have a go on the virtual reality (VR) set. I played a couple of games and it felt like I was really there.

My Overall Experience 

I really enjoyed my experience at Zoonou and getting the opportunity to learn all about the company. My favourite part of the week was getting the chance to test a brand-new app and finding bugs on it. Everyone I met was very friendly and chatty and made my experience very enjoyable. I feel very privileged to have had this opportunity.


Suzi, had this to say about Eden:

Joining a company for a week of work experience with little to no prior knowledge about the business or what it does can be incredibly daunting. However, Eden has handled everything we’ve thrown at him wonderfully. Not only has he shown those important work-based skills like punctuality and communication, but he’s really got stuck in with all the tasks he’s been given; whether it’s been the day to day software testing tasks or being put on the spot with a mock interview. It’s been a pleasure having Eden with us and hopefully we’ve been able to give him a good taster of what it’s like to work in the Software Testing industry.


If you’re interested in finding out about work experience at Zoonou please head over to our Contact page.

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