Webby Award win for Zoonou tested iOS Augmented Reality application

Published by Rhodri on the 30th April 2018

The HotStepper app won a Webby Award for Best Use of GPS or Location Technology. Great recognition for a product that our team helped on its way to success.

Towards the end of last year we had the pleasure of testing the HotStepper iOS application for Nexus Studios. We’re now pleased to announce that the app has won a Webby Award for Best Use of GPS or Location Technology. This is great recognition for an application that the team at Zoonou helped on its way to success.

“HotStepper is the world’s first Augmented Reality character based wayfinding app. Enter any address in the world and HotStepper will guide you there, walking the real world streets as you follow behind.” (https://nexusstudios.com/work/hotstepper/)

Although the app is on the more light-hearted side of the projects we work on here, it still came with its fair share of testing challenges. Device compatibility was essential, so testing was conducted on a range of iPhones and iPads that supported ARKit.

Critical before the launch of any location based app is a phase of field testing. Our testers spent time out on the streets testing the app while taking into consideration factors concerning GPS signal, location accuracy, network issues and of course real world variables such as road crossings and traffic.

It looks like the testing paid off! Well done to the team at Nexus Studios!

HotStepper iOS Application Video

Visit hotstepper.dance to download the app.

For more information on the app, please see https://nexusstudios.com/work/hotstepper/.

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