Case Study: Puzzle King Mobile App

We put a complex game engine through its paces with functional & compatibility testing across iOS devices & firmware.

AmpFork – Puzzle King Mobile App

You only get one shot to launch an app right! We partnered with AmpFork to test Puzzle King before launching in the App Store!

The Client

With the consumer appetite for small-screen puzzle games ever increasing, Puzzle King was born when its founder saw his beloved gran struggle with existing puzzle apps. Spotting a gap in the market and an exciting opportunity to create something better as well as make a difference along the way. Puzzle King, developed by AmpFork, is a digital jigsaw app with a difference. There are no boring stock images, instead curated images from talented photographers, artists, brands, and celebrities are transformed into inspiring gameplay.

It’s ad free so there are no pesky adverts popping up when you’re just about to make your next move, and a percentage of every in-app purchase is donated to a related charity in the same country. Built using an industry standard gaming engine, Puzzle King offers jigsaw lovers enhanced gameplay including a super zoom feature with multi-touch gesture support and a unique rotation mode for users wanting an extra challenge.

The Challenge

Promising to disrupt the market by offering something new to the puzzle world, AmpFork needed to ensure the app was market ready at launch. A key part of this challenge was the vast number of puzzle size variants available to users. Depending on the aspect ratio of the image, users can choose from puzzle sizes ranging from 6 to 1000 pieces. With a huge photo library available to choose from, the puzzle options are endless.

The test approach needed to target some of the complexities involved in a puzzle app, such as rotating and locking pieces, as well as the performance of lower specification devices when playing larger puzzle sizes.

Currently developed for iOS only, AmpFork needed reassurance that Puzzle King was compatible across a range of Apple devices and that bugs did not overshadow its unique offering. Particularly taking into consideration the huge backwards compatibility of devices Apple supported for the roll out of iOS 12 and 13.

The Solution and Results

Download our full case study to learn more about the test solution we devised for AmpFork and the results that were achieved.

To learn more about Puzzle King, you can read the press release here.

The mobile app market is saturated with competition. The difference between a successful app and one that fails lies in its user experience. Ensuring your app is fully tested before launch or after a new iteration will help to ensure your app eludes the dreaded uninstall!

With over 300 devices in our Device Lab, we only test on real devices to accurately reflect how an application will behave in the real world. In collaboration with our clients, we create a test matrix that will reflect what their user base will use to access the application to provide realistic feedback. However it’s not just current market devices and firmware you need to be mindful of,  you also need to consider the impact of major operating system (OS) updates on your mobile testing strategy.

Key services from this case study:

Functional Testing
Compatibility Testing

"Today’s mobile app users are savvier than ever. They expect flawless, error free experiences - even more so when it comes to games that they invest a lot of time and money into. I needed a test partner that could provide me absolute confidence with a bespoke test strategy and execution, that would ensure the app was launching independently tested, across multiple iOS devices and firmwares, with the complexity of the game engine put through its paces. There’s only one shot at launching an app right!"

Nick Downes
Founder - AmpFork

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