Agile & Sprint Testing

With more development teams working in agile, it's essential that you have a test team that integrates with your iterative process.

Collaborative and adaptable test approach.

We provide an expert test service to support your iterative development process, aligning our approach with your sprint schedule.

Why choose Zoonou for your Agile & Sprint Testing?

We understand the unique needs and demands of an agile project.

Just some of the reasons why Zoonou are the right choice for your agile test partner:

  • Adaptable, responsive and flexible.
  • We attend planning, kick-off and stand-up sessions.
  • Fully integrated with your user story management process.
  • Automation opportunities.
  • Conduct planning, scripting, execution and retesting.
  • We become a part of your agile team.

"The fast paced nature of an agile project, while challenging, is great fun for our testers. We really become a part of the client's team, meaning we grow, adapt and learn alongside them."

Martyn Hilder
Technical Consultant at Zoonou

Agile & Sprint Testing Case Study.

Find out how we helped Kineo with their agile development strategy.

Kineo Case Study