Test Scripting & Planning

From an exploratory approach through to a fully scripted test methodology, a planned test approach leads to efficiency and reliability.

Full test documentation for your project.

A carefully planned and scripted approach ensures that your test process is measurable, traceable and repeatable.

Why choose Zoonou for your Test Planning and Scripting?

Fully documented test approaches based on our in-house designed test script format.

Just some of the reasons why Zoonou are the right choice for your planning and scripting requirements:

  • Test planning based on IEEE829 format.
  • Exploratory test techniques.
  • Fully detailed test cases written.
  • Traceable test cases to testers, application versions and test runs.
  • We share test documentation for your review and approval.
  • Essential documentation for stakeholders.

"A scripted approach brings consistency and repeatability to our testing, particularly for ongoing products. Project managers we work with find the traceability incredibly valuable when reviewing project progress."

Elliott Lanius-Roberts
Operations Manager at Zoonou

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