Introducing Our Inaugural Board of Trustees

As part of our transition to employee ownership, we have established a Board of Trustees whose sole purpose is to represent the interests of our team.

We recently announced Zoonou’s transition to employee ownership. This transition is an exciting new chapter in our company’s growth and development; it enables us to retain our autonomy and preserve the values that underpin our culture while setting a clear direction for the future.

Our move to employee ownership provides a clear governance structure that encourages open communication and transparency, and provides our employees with a platform where their voices can be heard.

Zoonou’s Board of Trustees

Our new Trustee Board will manage the Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) and represent the views of our team. The Trustees will ensure the Zoonou Board is running the company in the best interest of our employees, as owners of the company, both now and in the future. At inception, the Board comprises of five members:

Jonathan Rogers – Founder / Director

“As a Founder and Director of Zoonou, I’ve had the privilege of seeing many careers start, grow and become intrinsic to who we are at Zoonou.

When we made the decision to transition to employee ownership, I decided to step down from the Company Board enabling members of our team to move into new roles as we start out on this next exciting part of the Zoonou journey.

With the new Trustee Board in place, we'll ensure Zoonou continues to be an ever-improving business and a great place to work for its new owners, our team.”

Rhodri Alexander – Client Services Director

“I've been with Zoonou for nearly 14 years. I've worked in several areas of the business and seen the company grow from 5 people to what we are today.

In making the transition from the Zoonou Board to the Trustee Board, I will use this experience to best represent the interests and ideas of our fantastic team.”

Jonathan and Rhodri step away from Zoonou’s Board to take up positions on our Board of Trustees. Along with the other trustees, they will help oversee the continuity of values and culture in decisions made by the recently refreshed Zoonou Board.

Harriet Hadley-King – Project Manager

“I'm excited about joining our inaugural Trustee Board to represent my fellow employees and feel privileged to be entrusted with this responsibility by our team.

Having worked closely with members of all our departments during my time at Zoonou, I'm looking forward to being the voice of our employees in this next step to evolve ourselves and enshrine our culture, values, and passion in our future.”

Chris Horridge – Penetration Test Lead

“Having been with Zoonou since 2015, I've witnessed first-hand the remarkable strides the company has taken in its evolution. I am immensely proud to have been nominated by my peers to serve on the Board of Trustees.

This nomination affords me the opportunity to have my own positive influence on the future trajectory of the business.

I look forward to being a conduit between my colleagues and the company board; believing that closer collaboration can bring about greater changes that benefit the whole.”

Harriet and Chris are long-standing members of our Operational Team and were elected to the Board by Zoonou employees.

Peter Hill FCA – Independent Trustee Director

Peter is an independent Trustee. He has experience across a diverse range of business areas offering support and knowledge relating to finance and taxation. He is Founder and Director of Dominic Hill Accountants.

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