Press Release: Zoonou Announces Transition of Ownership to an EOT

Zoonou is the UK’s first employee-owned software testing company.

Eastbourne, East Sussex – 17/10/2023 – Zoonou Limited has today announced its transition to employee ownership via an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT). The company is now 100% owned by current employees and is the first software testing company in the UK to make this transition.

Co-founders, Nick Turton and Jonathan Rogers along with shareholders Rhodri Alexander and Garry Hardy have sold 100% of the company shares to Zoonou Trustees Limited (The EOT). The EOT holds the shares on behalf of current Zoonou employees. All employees will benefit from share ownership as beneficiaries of the EOT. The sale was completed on the 17th July 2023.

A new governance structure is now in place. The recently updated Board of Directors will continue to be responsible for the strategic direction of the company. An inaugural Board of Trustees has been established to manage the EOT. The Trustees will have oversight of the company’s performance to ensure the Zoonou Board is running the company in the best interests of employees.

The decision to transition to employee-ownership was driven by a desire to remain independent, to preserve the company’s values and a recognition that the company was built on the hard work and commitment of its employees.

“Our team are central to both our clients’ successes and our own. By putting Zoonou in the hands of the people who push it forward every day, we are securing the stability and prosperity of the business for the future.”

– Jonathan Rogers, Founder and Trustee Director

Zoonou was founded in 2007 by Jonathan and Nick. With a reputation for providing world-class QA solutions, the company has experienced significant growth over the last 5 years and now employs over 50 people across the UK. Working with the private, public and third sectors, clients include: Imperial College London, EDF, The Electoral Commission, The Prince’s Trust, UK Health Security Agency, Sharp Electronics, Google, Domino’s Pizza, Southern Housing Group, Tangent PLC, Science Museum & Dune London.

“Becoming the first employee-owned software testing business in the UK represents a genuine refresh for Zoonou, enhancing the collaborative nature of our workplace and the engagement of our team. I’m incredibly excited to help drive that change and see what the future holds for Zoonou.”

– Nick Turton, Founder and Managing Director


About Zoonou

Zoonou is one of the UK’s leading software testing and QA companies. We help our clients to deliver successful digital programmes, projects, and software products.

Our independent and robust QA solutions empower our clients with the information they need to create exceptional digital experiences that drive commercial value.

Since 2007, we’ve been the QA partner of choice for the private, public and third sectors: Our clients include Elvis Communications, Tangent, AnalogFolk, The Mill, Imperial College London, EDF, Studio 24, The Electoral Commission, The Prince’s Trust, Science Museum Group, UK Health Security Agency and Dune London.

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