Zoonou becomes 100% employee owned

I am excited to announce that Zoonou is now 100% owned by our employees.

We have always been a ‘people-first’ company. When Jonathan and I started Zoonou, at the forefront of our minds was a desire to create a place where people enjoyed working and were proud to be a part of our team. That approach has helped underpin our success and growth over the last 15 years.

Recently, that growth has raised questions about what the future holds for Zoonou in relation to succession planning and shareholder exits. Having considered trade sales and private equity investment, I’m pleased to say we have chosen instead to move forward as an employee-owned business and have successfully transitioned ownership of Zoonou to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT).

Jonathan, Garry, Rhodri and I have sold 100% of the company to Zoonou Trustees Ltd, a trust governed by our newly formed board of trustees. This means that everyone – while employed at Zoonou – is effectively a co-owner of the company. It ensures Zoonou remains in the hands of the people who drive it forward every day and everyone shares in its success.

What does this mean for the future?

Employee ownership secures the future of the business, ensuring values and practices that have supported our growth to date continue to do so in the future. We’re able to build upon the fantastic reputation we’ve worked hard to earn and most importantly we can do this on our own terms, independently and ethically making the right decisions for our team. We’ll continue to enjoy working with great clients, on projects where we can have a genuine positive impact.

In practice, the change puts us in a position of strength to take our next steps.

  • We have a clear focus on what we want to achieve as a team today. We can also build for the future with certainty.
  • Our new governance structure is a strong one. We’ve refreshed our Board of Directors, strengthening accountability and communication through interactions with our Board of Trustees and Employee Council.
  • As an employee-owned business, we’ll work together with a clarity of purpose and a shared vision.

As Managing Director and one of the founders, I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved with Zoonou. As we focus on adapting to our new employee ownership model in the coming months and years, we’ll develop a collective responsibility for the growth, sustainability and success of the business.

I have no doubt that the values, culture and people within our team will continue to shape Zoonou into the best business it can be for both our clients and for ourselves.



Read the press release here.

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