Case Study: Celebrating a successful 10 year partnership

“We have worked with Zoonou for over 10 years. They've proven time and again to be great partners for us - knowledgeable, reliable and flexible.”

Elvis Communications – Flexible Testing for a Multi-Award Winning Creative Agency

ELVIS share why they use Zoonou's flexible test resource to manage their peaks and troughs in QA requirements.

The Client

ELVIS Communications are a multi-award winning global creative agency, specialising in creating websites and integrated campaigns for famous FMCG brands including Cadbury, Budweiser, Honda and Doritos. 

The Background

ELVIS face a common creative agency challenge. They build websites as part of large ATL campaigns therefore QA is driven by the client’s project and campaign schedule and is not always required. Back in 2012, with a growing digital output, ELVIS considered running QA through their developers however they wanted to avoid creating internal bottlenecks or confirmation bias.

A dedicated QA resource was required but, without a consistent requirement, an internal hire was not a viable solution. Additionally, the website’s ELVIS build must be compatible across 100s of device, OS and browser combinations ensuring the best user experience (UX) for consumers across the globe.

Hitting campaign launch dates and creating unforgettable user experiences is paramount for ELVIS – they needed a solution that was responsive, independent, and cost-effective. 

“We create websites as part of wider campaigns, so QA isn’t something we need every day. When it is required, we need a reliable partner who brings expertise & knowledge to ensure the site meets our (and our client’s) standards and can withstand the rigour of large FMCG promotions. Having an independent partner who can objectively test sites is key to ensuring we are as rigorous as possible in this build phase.”

The Solution

As ELVIS’ QA partner, Zoonou provides the flexible test resource they need; we scale test teams up or down based on project requirements or, when required, we stack multiple testers to work concurrently to accelerate testing results. Working as an extension of the ELVIS team, but as an independent partner, Zoonou’s testers combine their expertise and experience with our extensive device library to ensure maximum coverage during the test execution. 

“Reaching the widest possible audience is important both to us and our clients, so knowing that our QA partner can accommodate almost any device compatibility requirement is priceless!”

Using Zoonou’s services when required is significantly more cost-effective and efficient than hiring an internal tester. An external test company gives creative agencies like ELVIS the confidence that when they need to scale their QA, they have a partner that can mobilise effective QA strategies within project budgets and to tight deadlines.

The Outcome

Over the past decade Zoonou has delivered over 85 projects for ELVIS – including the 2020 award-winning Cadbury Creme Egg ‘Hunt the White Creme Egg’ campaign. Robust QA is an integral part of ELVIS’ development phases and its client’s success.

“We began working with Zoonou around 10 years ago and have continued to work with them as they have proven time and again to be great partners for us – knowledgeable, reliable and flexible. We feel they work well with our teams and are a trusted partner.”

The partnership now extends beyond defining and delivering the functional test approach for individual projects, Zoonou’s accessibility team are working closely with ELVIS to help define an accessibility approach for their partners and clients.

“In 2020 we created the Creme Egg Eatertainment campaign and worked with Zoonou on both QA and accessibility of the site that was central to the campaign. This was really interesting as it opened up conversations with Zoonou on web accessibility and what we could be doing better in that space – both for Eatertainment and future projects.


"We are delighted to be celebrating ten years working with Elvis as their QA partner. Over this time we have supported a huge variety of high profile creative-led campaigns, and more recently advocating web-accessibility and inclusion initiatives. We look forward to continuing the relationship and building on the partnership further over the coming years."

Garry Hardy
Commercial Director

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