Case Study: Agile Testing

Zoonou’s advisory-led sprint test process has helped Kineo to deliver their PIVOT Learning Management System to a range of high profile brands.

Kineo – PIVOT Learning Management System

Providing an Agile test strategy for PIVOT, Kineo’s core education platform, ensuring consistency and high quality at all stages.

Key Achievements

  • Advised on and implemented the QA process for Kineo’s agile development strategy.
  • Providing scalable, flexible and on demand certified test resource.
  • Consistent test team allocated for each 3 week sprint cycle.
  • Successful LMS delivery and ongoing support for multiple leading brands.

The Challenge

Kineo, a City & Guilds Group business, is an award-winning global workplace learning company that helps businesses improve performance through learning and technology.

As they moved towards an agile development structure, Kineo approached Zoonou to implement a testing and QA strategy for one of their core products, PIVOT, a revolutionary apprenticeship management platform. The LMS was to form part of an integrated platform, exchanging data with other systems, and Kineo needed assurance that each deliverable for each variant of the system was effectively tested before release.

With the full PIVOT application being comprised of several component systems, regular support, but not full time, was required to adapt and respond to each sprint cycle.

Our Solution

Implementing an advisory-led approach, sessions were coordinated with Zoonou’s test analysts and the Kineo team to gain a full understanding of the product requirements, agile development process and wider business needs. Zoonou devised and implemented a focussed test strategy and process that complemented the proposed sprint operation.

Zoonou’s approach followed a three-week sprint schedule, with a repeated cycle of Planning, Scripting, Test Execution and Retests. Our test analysts attended the development sprint planning sessions for each new sprint to ensure we had full visibility of the project, reviewed previous sprint activities and looked ahead to the requirements for upcoming sprints.

Fully managed by an appointed Zoonou Project Lead, the level of testing for each sprint continues to be flexibly scaled based on the outcome of the planning sessions. Working closely with Kineo means we can plan to avoid wasting resource, while ensuring that we have the appropriate level of support at the right times.

The Results

Zoonou has helped Kineo to deliver PIVOT successfully to a wide range of leading brands, a client base that continues to grow. The efficient agile test process implemented by our team has allowed Kineo to focus on innovating and updating the platform and to respond to client demands, assured that the QA process is running smoothly.

Our test lab has provided the Kineo team with further assurance that their products have been tested on a wide range of browsers and devices that simply weren’t available to them before. We conduct all testing for Kineo on real environments, never on emulators or browser rendering tools.

Zoonou’s detailed bug reports and daily summary reports allow the project to cope with the changing outlook as testing progresses.

Forming a partnership with the Kineo team, our testers are now positioned as experienced expert users of the system, allowing our approach to adapt and grow along with the success of the product.

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"Having Zoonou provide their advice and support for how to structure testing for our agile development process was invaluable. They're diligent and professional at all times, and their flexible approach is incredibly helpful when organising each sprint."

James Watson
Kineo, Senior Project Manager

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