Case Study: AR Mobile App

Expert testing of an AR (augmented reality) mobile app for the popular children's book The Gruffalo and the Forestry Commission.

Nexus – The Gruffalo Spotter App

Zoonou provides innovative augmented reality testing to Oscar nominated production company Nexus Interactive Arts.

The Challenge

Our client needed assurance that test efforts would produce the best user experience possible for an augmented reality (AR) product. This was necessary given the very high profile of the brands our client was working with – the Forestry Commission and the Gruffalo.

Our Solution

Zoonou used an Exploratory test approach that included a broad selection of mobile and tablet device environments. The user demographic included children and parents which meant that we needed to advise on a relevant device list including those that were likely to produce unexpected or negative test results.

Zoonou was able to simulate difficult AR field conditions in our test laboratory environment that was suited to replicating actual parent and child use that included higher and lower vantage points.

The Results

Our client saw a well conceived and designed product released as a high-quality app that is in current use at 26 locations across England as of May 2017.

The project benefited from Zoonou’s accumulated experience and drew upon established functional and non-functional test frameworks developed over time and multiple clients.

This ultimately benefited the client in terms of time, project cost and user satisfaction.

For more on augmented reality and its impact on testing, as well as more on the Gruffalo Spotter App project, please check out our AR Testing – The Wood for the Trees article.

The Gruffalo Spotter app is now available for free on iOS, Android & Amazon.

For more information on Nexus, please see

"Zoonou's compatibility testing across a range of mobile and tablet devices allowed us to identify and resolve issues before launching to the public. It was a critical phase in ensuring the app we released was of the highest quality and an enjoyable experience for our users."

Claire Cook
Nexus, Creative Producer

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