Case Study Interview with Annalisa Griffith and Rob Barton

Altrix wanted to ensure its nursing agency app was robust and secure

Altrix Technology – Penetration and Load testing for an app-based nursing agency

Rob Barton, Head of Product, shares his experience on partnering with Zoonou to ensure their mobile app meets NHS standards for web products.

Annalisa: Hi Rob, thanks for sitting down to chat with me today. To kick things off, can you introduce yourself and give us an overview of Altrix Technology.

Rob: Sure, my name is Rob Barton and I’m the Head of Product at Altrix.

Altrix is a web platform and a mobile app. It allows healthcare professionals across the UK to register with Altrix and complete a number of pre-employment checks that are necessary for them to work in the NHS.

We’re partnered with dozens of NHS trusts across the UK so once our candidates are fully compliant, they’re able to view and book shifts from within the platform or app. I like to think that candidates choose Altrix because we’re breaking the mould somewhat.

The feedback that we get from our focus groups is that our candidates really love us because we’re delivering an online digital experience that allows them to self-serve at a time that’s convenient to them.

Annalisa: Brilliant. Thanks, Rob. We’ve supported you with both Load testing and Penetration testing. What were the drivers behind using those services?

Rob: Over the past few years, Altrix has really moved from start-up to scale-up. Part of that was natural growth. Part of that was driven by the pandemic – we were called upon to support the NHS during that period.

We engaged with Zoonou because we want to ensure that our platform is robust enough and secure enough. Ultimately that it’s fit for purpose and able to cope with the growth that we’re anticipating over the next few years.

The NHS sets out an expectation that their suppliers have undertaken penetration testing from a CREST accredited supplier. This is one of the reasons we choose Zoonou over other suppliers.

Ultimately, Zoonou’s Penetration testing and Load testing services have given us the reassurance that we were looking for.

We took Zoonou’s recommendations and incorporated those into our product roadmap. We were then able to strengthen the highlighted weaknesses, so it’s given our Executive Team much more reassurance over our future.

Annalisa: That’s really great to hear! Where did you hear about Zoonou?

Rob: Despark, our development partners, recommended Zoonou to us. Knowing that you came recommend by an already trusted partner gave us a lot of confidence in our decision to work with Zoonou.

Annalisa: If you could sum it up in three words, how would you describe working with Zoonou?

Rob: I thought you were professional, straightforward and unintrusive.

So just to elaborate a little, I thought from the very first meeting, you were professional and knowledgeable and had the right people on the call to be able to answer our questions. You made it really clear as to what the services included and had a very straightforward plan.

In the build up to the testing itself, I was concerned by how much of my time it might need but actually found very little of my time was required – which is why I say unintrusive.

And from that point your team were self-sufficient, right the way through until the end where we received the reports. The reports showed our technical team exactly where the gaps or weaknesses were but were easy to understand for our non-technical executive stakeholders. Zoonou’s team also helped us to prioritise the resolution to the gaps or weaknesses.

So, yeah, all in all, a really great service!

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