Case Study: Instagram Story Augmented Reality (AR) filter

Functional and cross-device compatibility testing

Wieden + Kennedy – The Climate Coalition Instagram Filter

Our team puts The Climate Coalition Instagram filter through its paces before it goes live.

Climate change is already having visible effects on the world. From a rise in the average global temperature to a change in rainfall patterns and rising sea levels. 

The Climate Coalition is the UK’s largest group of people dedicated to limiting the impact of climate change. In collaboration with Wieden and Kennedy, they produced an Instagram (IG) filter where users #showTheLove by choosing a pledge that demonstrates what they are doing towards tackling climate change. 

We’re conscious of our impact on the world at Zoonou, be that through our work or as individuals; 81% of our team commute to work by public transport, bicycle or on foot and of those that drive, 10% either carpool or have electric cars! So, we were really excited when Wieden + Kennedy asked us to ensure the quality of the IG filters matched The Climate Coalition’s goal!

Here’s a little behind the scenes video with some of our team (we apologise in advance for the cheesy music!) testing the filter.

Hundreds of people are already making their pledges on Instagram; what will your pledge be? Check out the video from The Climate Coalition if you need a little inspiration.

And you can learn more about how The Climate Coalition makes a difference here.


Key services from this case study:

Compatibility Testing
Functional Testing

“Zoonou were a fantastic partner for testing and quality assurance as always. Very helpful, accommodating and their communication was superb. They spotted bugs and worked with us to get them fixed. Thank you for your support and continued support on projects.”

Dom Felton
Senior Interactive Producer | Wieden + Kennedy

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