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Digital Accessibility on the High Street

When you think about digital accessibility, what do you think of? Do you think about how accessible a website or mobile application is to users with a disability? Yes. Do you think about accessibility criteria? Yes….

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Software Testing Glossary: From A-Z

New to the world of software testing? Or simply unsure what some of the technical jargon means? We’ve got you covered! Our A-Z easy-to-understand guide to software testing terminology will help you understand the technical terms…

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How Zoonou helps to deliver quality digital experiences

Kia Cars wouldn’t offer their seven-year guarantee if they were having to constantly fix issues under it. Clearly they have a handle on quality. Understanding it, delivering it and verifying it. At Zoonou, we believe the…

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New Accessibility features in iOS 12

With Apple’s recent release of iOS 12 in September this year, we take a look at some essential updates that have been made to the operating system to improve its set of accessibility features. As we…

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5 Essential Qualities of a Great Tester

What makes you a great tester? Whether you’re responsible for website testing, app testing or any other form of QA, certain skills and qualities are essential for a good software tester. We take a look at…

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Android Pie gains new Accessibility features

With the launch of Pie, Android’s new operating system (otherwise known as Android 9), a number of updates have been made to the platform’s accessibility features. Join us as we take a look at what is…

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