Digital Confidence

There is a known correlation between a successful product and a high level of quality. Yet 48% of companies don’t have the right testing or QA processes in place. Digital Confidence takes a business through those first steps of attaining and then maintaining QA excellence.

QA Framework Infographic

What problems will it solve?

Unclear & unstructured QA processes

Digital Confidence is not about finding bugs, it establishes structured test processes throughout the product life cycle in line with development complexity and business goals.

Negative customer feedback

Produce better quality software and do it consistently. Reduce costs and improve ROI while building a reputation as a provider of sector-leading digital experiences.

Development bottlenecks

Reduce time to market by having a test approach that does not hold up the release of software. Digital Confidence will help you find the right balance between your test team and business objectives.

Lack of QA expertise

Get more from your QA team by increasing their expertise and efficiency. We guide, support and teach while your team becomes more self-sufficient and confident in their abilities.

How it Works

Digital Confidence supports software development and establishes resilient QA processes and test capability that helps businesses grow.


We conduct a detailed assessment of your current test capabilities and assess any risks to the business.

QA Programme

One of our consultants will create a tailored programme of activities aimed at improving QA processes, skills & knowledge.


Digital Confidence uses metrics designed specifically to track the progress towards test improvement.

Digital Confidence allows businesses to focus their energies on innovation and creativity but still have the assurance that user experiences will not be compromised by the quality of the product.

Take the first step in your Digital Confidence journey

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