Usability Testing

Get feedback from real people and experts to identify critical usability issues that could be damaging to engagement and conversion rates.

Lab based user testing and expert reviews.

We work with real people to capture real evidence that supports change. Combining research, best practices & testing experience.

Why choose Zoonou to usability test your software?

In depth, moderated user testing and comprehensive reviews by our usability test specialists.

Just some of the reasons why Zoonou are the right choice for your usability testing requirements:

State of the art usability lab, audio and screen recording, picture in picture results.

No need to handle participant recruitment, incentives or scheduling.

Evaluation against a curated library of over 100 usability best practice guidelines.

Unbiased, scripted test approach that produces realistic, measurable results.

Detailed factual reporting, evidence and actionable recommendations.

"Usability principles and techniques are constantly evolving as users adapt and technology changes. We are committed to providing an approach that is up-to-date and based on real behavior and research."

Yasmin Howell
Project Lead - Usability Specialist

Leading-edge research technology and equipment.

We combine state-of-the-art recording and eye-tracking equipment with advanced analytical tools to output multiple insights from a single session.

Get unique insight, from real users, to start making informed decisions.

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