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In the Spotlight! Michael – Test Analyst

Introducing Michael, one of our Test Analysts – a lover of watches and Tunnock’s Tea Cakes! What does a typical day involve? A typical day includes speaking to a client on a daily stand up, raising…

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How do operating system updates impact your mobile testing strategy?

It’s that time of year again! Apple and Google are launching the latest versions of their mobile operating systems (OS). Android 10 officially launched for Google Pixel devices on the 3rd of September 2019, with support…

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Usability: 3 Quick Wins & 3 Rapid Testing Techniques

Usability is about making a product that is effective, efficient and easy to use. The marketplace is saturated by competitors and alternative options, so for your service or product to stand out you from the crowd…

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Announcement: Disabled User Testing in Partnership with the RNIB

As a test company our goal is to help our clients build digital products that offer a positive, meaningful user experience for everyone, regardless of their ability or disability. At its core, the web should be…

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Writing Readable Copy – Increase the Reach of your Content

The goal of anything published online is to be found. We are all aware of the importance of optimising copy for Google, but often the value of a word on a webpage is underestimated. If you…

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Test Automation. What. How. Why. When.

Automation – replacing the human element with technology – is a part of modern life. As a function of efficiency, automating tasks impacts our everyday lives, usually in ways we barely notice. Your email client has…

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