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Usability Testing 101 – Back to Basics

While the user experience (UX) and accessibility form a crucial part of a user’s actual experience, the usability of a website or mobile application should always be a priority. Often used interchangeably; how are usability, UX…

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In the Spotlight! Harriet – Test Analyst

Introducing Harriet, one of our Test Analysts – she can be found regularly sporting a new hair colour and making sure the office plants survive! Where are you from and how long have you been at…

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Why eLearning Platforms Need Regular Usability & Performance Testing

Now more than ever, the performance of eLearning and learning management systems (LMS) is critical. Increased dependency on digital resources around the world means not only more users but new kinds of users too. More parents…

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Announcement: Zoonou Achieves ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001 is one of the most rigorous and internationally accepted information security standards. It identifies the requirements and specifications for a robust and comprehensive information security management system (ISMS), defining how a business should securely…

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The Importance of Accessible Online Public Services

With social distancing measures now in place across the UK, the need for equal accessibility of digital or online public services has never been greater. It is vital that everyone, particularly the most vulnerable in society,…

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The Link Between Successful Software Products and Quality

For young and growing businesses in the UK, digital is part of their DNA. Creating applications that solve problems and address the needs of consumers and businesses alike. They push boundaries and share a passion that…

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