Case Study: AR mobile app

Functional and cross-device compatibility testing

Universal Everything – ‘Super You’, an AR Costume Arts Experiment

We provided remote functional and compatibility test support for Universal Everything's latest AR app.

At Zoonou, we’re very fortunate to work with some of the most talented creative technology and visual design studios in the world, helping to deliver stunning work that often introduces emerging technology and concepts.

On their most recent work ‘Super You’, design studio Universal Everything explore bold new forms of moving image, a re-imagining of the human form as abstract digital art through the medium of augmented reality (AR).

Utilising body tracking in ARKit 3.5 on iOS devices, ‘Super You’ is a free to download iOS application with no in-app purchasing that allows creators to transform a friend or family member’s body into one of 11 AR costumes. The application samples the colours of the clothes they are wearing and includes this in their abstract form. Creators can record video of their ‘Super You’ and can share this via social platforms.

Zoonou provided quality assurance and testing support during the final stages of production to determine functional issues, device compatibility and visual anomalies.

Our team had a lot of fun testing the application, check out some behind the scene footage of the testing.

The team even had the assistance of Doug the Pug, to facilitate some edge case testing!

Testing at Zoonou is always a collaborative and supportive process. Our work on ‘Super You’ was commissioned by Claire Spencer Cook, who we had previously collaborated with on testing the ‘The Gruffalo Spotter’ AR app for Nexus Interactive Arts. Claire, the Executive Producer for Super you said:

“We asked Zoonou to help test the app when it was in beta as we were confident their testers were already knowledgeable about AR technology and would therefore understand the creative direction of the app experience. Zoonou are flexible in adapting to our own project management processes and are responsive and communicate clearly, which helps keep our production and release schedule efficient.”

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