Zoonou’s New-Look Board of Directors

Managing Director, Nick Turton, shares his thoughts on Zoonou’s new Board of Directors

Having recently celebrated Zoonou’s 16th birthday, it’s a good time to reflect on how far we’ve come since Jonathan and I founded Zoonou. We’ve built processes, developed services, grown an amazing client base, tested thousands of projects and had the pleasure of building a brilliant team and culture. Web and mobile technologies have changed a lot; the way we work and interact with clients has shifted, as has where we physically work from. Change is something we’ve always embraced at Zoonou.

One constant during those years has been our Board. We added Garry as Commercial Director in 2012 and Rhodri as Client Services Director in 2014. We’ve worked closely to develop Zoonou through its start-up phases to the point we’ve reached today. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved together.

Building for the future is something I’ve always enjoyed, and change is often a big part of that. With that in mind, I’m particularly excited to make the following announcement.

New appointments to the Board of Directors

As of 17th July 23, we welcome three new Directors to our Board. For me, as a founder of Zoonou, this represents a significant change within our business. It’s the first time in just under 10 years we’ve looked to strengthen our leadership team at Board level. It’s an exciting and positive shift.

All three appointments step up from within our team bringing unique experience, knowledge, passion and leadership qualities which have already helped shape our culture, client engagement, technical capability and delivery approach. I look forward to working alongside our new Directors as we take Zoonou into its next phase of development.

Elliott Lanius-Roberts

Elliott Lanius-Roberts joins the Board as Delivery Director after 10 years with the business. Elliott has held senior positions across operations, delivery and pre-sales, helping inform our approach to processes and team development. Working with clients both commercially and operationally, Elliott’s ability to balance the needs of the business and our team has helped him drive exceptional results for clients; positioning him perfectly for this role overseeing project output and delivery.

Cass Tague

Since joining Zoonou in 2019, Cass Tague has helped redefine and shape our marketing and sales approach; raising the profile of the business and driving commercial growth. Cass has managed our Client Services Team and successfully pivoted us to a content first marketing strategy. An outstanding advocate for the company and keen to further develop our brand and positioning, her role as Marketing Director helps to further align our business and marketing strategy.

Mike Goodman

Mike Goodman has long been at the heart of technical development and advancement within Zoonou; he has built and owned our Technical Services capability from the ground up. Mike has delivered complex penetration and performance testing projects, managed multi-disciplinary teams and 3rd parties ensuring our clients receive enterprise-grade testing and insight into their products. He joins the Board as Technical Services Director.

Why are we making these changes now?

The decision to expand our Board brings a change in control, fresh perspectives, diversifies opinion and allows new voices to have input on the way in which Zoonou is run. Over the next six months, we’ll be defining a strategic plan with an ambitious vision for the future of the business.

We’re engaging with our wider team to prepare for our next steps, which I look forward to sharing early in 2024. Whilst our governance and decision-making process is changing, our services and delivery for clients remain the same.

Our core values of Observance, Curiosity, Positivity, and One Team will continue to underpin everything we do.



Read the press release here.

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